Friday, May 1, 2009

Daejion, Day 2

Another long day today, but enjoyable. Woke up too early, 5am, but got lots done online thanks to a good wifi signal... spoke with Mick & Steve, got somewhat caught up on email, etc.

Breakfast was an interesting but yummy attempt at a Western style meal of ham-like meat and peanutty pancakes with apple honey.

Afterward we had a free morning. Most of us walked across the street to Lotte Mart, sort of like a WalMart type store but like most Asian architecture, built up instead of out. One intetesting feature was a cabinet of complimentary oxygen masks with friendly drawings on them, presumably in case of fire or maybe a gas attack by cute and cuddly cartoon characters...?

Quite a few of us congregated on the 2nd floor where the electronics were being sold, to take advantage of the free wifi signal. I gave my parents a quick call... not every day one gets a phonecall from Korea, so that made them happy.

Lunch, then an afternoon concert at the university auditorium, with quite lovely acoustics then our hosts took us to a local museum that focused on a particular Korean king from 1500 yrs back whose tomb was found and excavated some 30 yrs ago. .

Supper followed, once again courtesy of our fabulous Korean hosts, at this whacky buffet that served everything from kimchi to sushi, paad thai, barbecued meats of all sorts to Italian pasta dishes, pizza, and cocoa puffs! Then off to a huge Baptist church that is related to the University here for a very late concert (10:30pm start!) after their evening service.

Very large sanctuary, so much so that they had a huge (like 20 ft across) display screen across the front of the hall with a professional cameraman shooting to simulcast what's happening onstage. So while I'm conducting my bit, the cameraman zooms right in on my back, so as I'm conducting I see above the choir on this huge screen my arse end blown up to about 15 ft across! Yoicks!

Was a fun show, nonetheless a late return to our bunks. The OBC (see earlier posts) got moved from the nunnery to student dorms, nice air-conditioned rooms with private showers and each of us with our own bed, but alas NO WIFI SIGNAL, so I'll have to wait a few hours until tomorrow to post.

Six hour bus ride awaits us tomorrow as we head to Sokcho, a city in the northeast corner of South Korea where our former UVic Chamber Singers/Prima alums Graham & Felipe, now ex-pat English teachers with Korean wives & kids, now live. Graham & lovely wife Youn Nam have been with us the whole tour so far, and Youn Nam has been indispensable as translator, local fixer and all-round awesome lady. I'm looking forward to seeing Felipe tomorrow and meeting his new family. Hopefully I'll catch some sleep on the bus though, as tonight's looking to be a 4-5 hr night at best. G'nite!

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