Sunday, May 10, 2009

Angkor Amazon.... ?!

So I decided to go with the herd and bus out to the dinner show after all... was very much like the buffet/luau type show you get in Hawaii... food was varied, plentiful and very good (although I ate quite sparingly, am finding in the heat my body treats me much nicer if I graze rather than eat large meals). Once folks are given an hour to eat the show starts... an exhibition of historical Khmer dance... very beautiful, although for my tastes it was not as exciting as I had hoped as most of the dances moved very slowly... impressive control though!

On our return Rick & I hit the racks, I was asleep not long after 9pm... good thing since wake-up this morning was 3:45am in order to fit in a Skype call (or voicemail message as it turned out) to my Mom and Mick.

We're leaving shortly for Angkor Wat in order to catch the sunrise there. More later...

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