Friday, May 8, 2009

Cambodia, Day 5 - last day in Phnom Penh

The Tilley has returned!!! I guess over the past few days I've become enough of a fixture at La Croisette, the bistro I've been visiting for meals & wifi signal, that when I walk in the waitress is now greeting me at the door with an open bottle of orange fanta (my quencher of choice). Anyhow, just as I was leaving yesterday, the manager came out with my hat which I had thought lost for good! Made my day, I love that hat!

Was up early today, 5:30am again, left the hotel around 7 for a walk around the market, bought some sunscreen... been avoiding the sun by wearing long shirts and pants, but the heat is just too much, I've got a heat rash radiating out from the bend of both arms, not bothering me too much, and definitely better with air exposure, but now I need sunscreen.

Chantavouth & Hirotenah took me out on a tuktuk ride in search of traditional Khmer tattoos, but still denied. Will try once more in Siem Riep, but then give it up as fate (or maybe a higher power trying to keep me from bringing home a case of Hep C).

We have a concert today at 3pm, a repeat of last night's show, but for poor & disabled folk who normally couln't attend such an event. Although the Prince (the King's brother) is planning to attend.

Other than that I expect that the day will be mostly free with whatever organized events being optional. I'd be interested in seeing the Royal Palace if possible, otherwise a day of relaxing and maybe another visit to the spa down the road may be in order.

Will write more later...

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  1. get thee some corn startch or baby powder for the heat rash