Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bangkok, home of the real tuktuk

May 13th/09...

We were out the door at 8am to meet the group at Siam Station... bit of confusion around where we were supposed to meet (Siam Station is pretty big) but eventually we all met up, not sure why we bothered, all we did was take the train to the river where we all caught a riverboat and then split up to do our own thing... coulda just done that from the start and not wasted an hour & a half waiting around... but such is the nature of the beast when touring in a herd.

Alex, Greg & I went off on our own to check out some Buddhas...

... we were taken under wing by a kindly Thai woman who told us she was vacationing from Chang Mai, but we were sure that was just her cover story and she was really on staff at Voglee Export Tailors where we ended up after a tuktuk ride to visit the white Buddha.

I ended up ordering a three-piece tuxedo (dinner jacket, pants, vest, tie plus 2 shirts), custom-made in Cashmere to my measurements not taken from a rack and altered, for the equivalent of $430 Cdn... easily a $2000 minimum at home. Can't really afford, but too good to pass up.

We had another pointless check-in, we thought for an organized dinner, instead it was a confusing train ride, a hot & wet 2 km walk to the night market and then we were on our own again... granted I was planning on going there anyway, but would also have liked to hit the MBK, a wholesale electronics market as well and would have had time if not having wasted it doing pointless herd stuff... oh well, that's enough bitching for me.

Rick and I had a great tuktuk ride from the night market to Siam Station...

... where we teed up with our host student and we made our way back home, had some enjoyable visiting time with him and his dad, then hit the rack for some much needed sleep.

Today I was up @ 5am, for a 6am departure for the school, where we're doing some performances & workshops, then a nighttime concert, probably won't post anything as what I've put here is pretty much the extent of our day.

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  1. Sawadee Ka, hope you have a great time while in BKK. Attended the old International School of Bangkok in the late 60's - and I understand there is a skytrain now running in BKK.
    Might get the opportunity to visit there in Jan 2010 and points north